How To Attract Abundance By Cleaning Your Home

How does one attract abundance by cleaning their home, you may ask? It's all part of the law of attraction, and a part that most people neglect, including me. However, that has now changed. Let me explain. 

A couple of years ago, we completed several renovations before finding our dream home and moving. To get ready, I went through the whole house, room by room, cleaning, organizing and purging things
we no longer used or needed. Being a busy entrepreneur, keeping a spotless house has never been high on my priority list. It was challenging to set work aside to clean, but it really paid off.
Having a cleaner house with less stuff really feels great!
If you believe in the law of attraction, you will know that in order to attract what you want, you need to release what you don't want and make room for abundance, both mentally and physically. I think a lot
of people overlook the part about making room for what you want to attract into your life.

A funny thing started to happen. As I started to purge and donate things we no longer needed, I began to receive money and opportunities from unexpected sources. This type of thing has happened to me in the past, but not with as high a frequency.
Of course, the law of attraction doesn't work if all you do is wish. You need to back up your positive thoughts with action in order to attract abundance. Abundance can arrive in all sorts of forms – more money, improved health, better relationships. Let's clear out the stuff that no longer serves us to make room for what we desire, shall we?
So I'll carry on with my cleaning and purging, using self-hypnosis to visualize my desired outcomes, practicing gratitude for what I have and working diligently in my private practice.

I hope this has inspired you to attract abundance into your life by cleaning your home. Your home may be clean already, but most people generally hang onto items they no longer use or need. This week, challenge yourself to do some extra cleaning in your house, even just a drawer or two. It can only help, right?

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  1. I truly believe in this. I am trying to spring clean most areas of my life to make way for the new. Being more conscious about the new things that I bring in to my life also. Will it be good for me? Good for my fellow spirits? Good for the universe that I am a part of?
    Thank you for this post.

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