Hypnotherapy & Counselling

You have huge goals, wishes and dreams, yet you can't seem to achieve them. Not only that, but you seem to spend a lot of time thinking negative thoughts which you know aren't helpful. Something is holding you back from living the life you desire, and unfortunately, that something is your habits.

It's not your fault. 95% of ALL our behavior is governed by subconscious programs or patterns we developed mostly in childhood. This determines our personality, our habits and our results in life. Our thought patterns are a habit. Our response patterns are a habit. Our behaviors are habits. Letting our fears prevent us from pursuing our dreams is a habit. These habits can keep you trapped and prevent you from taking the action you know you should be taking.

The good news is you learned those habits at one time, and you can easily learn new habits any time by learning how to work with your subconscious mind to gain greater control over your thoughts, emotions and behavior.

Hypnosis and Counselling can help you

  • Become the best version of yourself
  • Think more positive thoughts every day
  • Feel better – more calm, confident, and happy
  • Achieve inner peace
  • Love yourself and your life
  • Learn how to truly relax and nurture your mind, body, and spirit
  • Accomplish your goals and achieve your dreams with ease
  • Know how truly powerful you are, and have the ability to access that power at will to create your life purpose
Barb was really soft spoken, talked with me through the session, and took her time. She worked me through my past and I was able to release those issues. I finally felt like who I was meant to be, to my family and myself. O.S. | Arizona, U.S.A.

I can help you with

  • Relaxation and stress management
  • Anxiety and/or depression
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Addictions
  • Sleep issues
  • Grief, bereavement, and loss
  • Relationship breakups, divorce, and separation
  • Fears and phobias (public speaking, travel anxiety, etc)
  • Eliminating unhelpful habits and procrastination
  • Weight management
  • Smoking cessation
  • Hypnobirthing, fertility and postpartum care
  • Sports performance and peak performance
  • Pain Management (OldPain2Go and other techniques)
  • IBS, headaches, menopause, preparing for medical/dental procedures
  • Confidence, self-esteem, and mindset
  • Releasing guilt, shame and other unhelpful emotions
  • Forgiveness, letting go, and acceptance


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I offer “content free” techniques to help you overcome any challenges which may be too private, traumatic or uncomfortable to talk about. This means that I can help you without knowing the details of what you are working on. Content free work can be used to resolve inner conflicts, heal from trauma, release unhelpful emotions such as guilt, shame, and more.

There is sometimes a wait list to work with me. However, my associates at Amethyst Wellness Group, most of whom I've trained in hypnosis and/or hypnotherapy, are also available to assist you. Please contact either office to schedule your complimentary 15 minute consultation. At that time, we can provide you with the estimated wait time for an appointment with me if there is a current wait list and/or schedule you with one of my associates.

Please note we do not provide crisis counselling services or walk-in services. All appointments must be scheduled in advance.

Direct Billing is available with numerous insurance companies such as Canada Life, Manulife, Green Shield, NIHB, Beneva, Desjardins Insurance, Industrial Alliance and more. Pre-approval with NIHB must be obtained in advance of your initial appointment. All other companies can be direct billed online at the conclusion of your appointment.

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