As a Registered Social Worker and Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Professional, I have worked with clients who have chronic pain for over 18 years. In addition, I successfully healed from fibromyalgia over 17 years ago by making several lifestyle and mindset changes which have allowed me to live without using any prescription medication since that time. Steven Blake recently helped me to heal from a fibromyalgia flareup using OldPain2Go®. 

The OldPain2Go® Methodology involves activating the body's ability to heal itself through communication with the unconscious mind, which controls how pain signals are sent from the brain to the body through neural pathways. This methodology is based upon the latest in scientific knowledge. No trance or induction into a hypnotic state is required.

You must have been assessed and/or diagnosed by a medical professional and either told nothing can be done for your pain, nothing can be found, and/or you have been prescribed pain medication for symptom relief.

OldPain2Go® sessions are available online or in person at The BodyMind Centre in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

As a Certified OldPain2Go® Practitioner, I act as a facilitator between your conscious and unconscious (or subconscious) mind. Results are determined by your level of determination and cannot be guaranteed. This methodology involves my guidance to help you work on yourself and self-heal by communicating with the part of your brain which controls your health.

Learn more about OldPain2Go® Methodology on Steven Blake's website.

If you have fibromyalgia, M.E., C.F.S., and/or other chronic fatigue or pain related illnesses, read this before booking a session.

I recommend scheduling a free 15 minute consultation with me to discuss your concerns prior to scheduling a session.

3 Types of Sessions Available


Suitable for helping you to work on one physical pain issue in one area of the body, or to explore one emotional issue and where possible, remove the old program or coping strategy. This session is typically 1 to 1.5 hours and includes an optional hypnosis session at the end for relaxation and healing.


Suitable for helping you to work on multiple areas of pain related to different injuries and/or to explore emotional issues and where possible, remove the old programs or coping strategies. This session is typically 2 to 2.5 hours and includes an optional hypnosis session at the end for relaxation and healing.


Suitable for helping you to work on trauma-related pain or illnesses such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, myalgic encephalomyelitis and/or emotional issues. This session is typically three to four hours or longer, and includes an optional hypnosis session for relaxation and healing.

Free 15 Minutes

A complimentary discovery phone or online consultation is available for you.
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